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Must Have Daily Usage PC Softwares

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In this post I will tell you the most appropriate and best software in the market that can full fill your daily needs and complete your daily tasks with perfection on PC.

1) Browser

As far as the browser is concerned I like Google chrome over Firefox because its fast as compared to that and many others in daily usage and it also have a lot of extensions but if you need your things organized e.g. extensions without any error then use Firefox.

2) Media Player

No doubt VLC media player is the best out there. It's free, simple and fast.

3) Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus plus is rated the #1 antivirus. But if you cannot afford that then other option is the MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS which is also pretty good and free.

4) Proxy Software

Hotspot shield is  a pretty fast proxy software. Use it with AD block extension in Google chrome and you are good to go to open blocked websites pretty fast without annoying ads.

5) Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix and Recuva can help you recover your precious accidentally deleted files with ease.

If you need Help regarding any other software then don't hesitate to comment below.

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