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PC Software Review: Internet Download Manager

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Are you looking for a pc software that can download almost any thing and by anything I mean programs, videos, music etc. Then Internet Download Manager should be your first preference.

Internet Download Manager(IDM)

Internet download manager is an excellent all in one download manager which can download music, videos from various websites and programs at high speed. It also works as a download accelerator.

Downloading Videos

The best feature of this software is that it can download videos from various sites. Many websites won't allow you to download videos without registering. In this case IDM comes in handy which can grab videos from these websites. It allows you to download videos from YouTube in multiple formats.

Inter Download Manager download videos

Download Accelerator

This software also boosts download speed to almost 25% to 50%. Which is very good and helpful in case you have slow internet connection. But it is mentioned on their website that it increases speed up to 5 times but I noticed only 25% to 50% change                          

Pause and Resume Downloads.

It's very annoying when you download a very large file and when it is about to finish power cuts off or any other factors plays its role and you have to download that file again from start. IDM helps you download those files and if power something happens you can pause and resume downloads.

Browser Integration

IDM supports all popular browsers eg IE, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Net scape, AOl etc.

Inter Download Manager browser integration


This software is rated 5 stars by many popular websites like CNet, ZDnet, WebAttack, Softpedia and many others.

It has many more featues which you can check out by visiting links below.

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