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LG G Pro 2 To Be Annonced Next Month

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LG-G-Pro-To-Be-Announced-Next-MonthThe sequel to the LG G Pro is ready to show up now as the Korean manufacturer has confirmed that the handset will be announced next month. There is no specific date mentioned but it looks like the handset will be shown between 24th February to 27th February as it is the date of MWC 2014.

Coming to the leaked specs of the LG G Pro 2, it will have  6-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB RAM. LG has not mentioned any specs and the above are only rumoured ones. 

There are no leaked images of the handset right now but In my opinion we will have them in a couple of days as this is the case with most of the handsets released these days. But If at all, LG G PRO 2 pics are not leaked, we will be seeing it next month.

Source: LG

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