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New Colours For Nexus 5 Are Coming

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If you are not buying Nexus 5 just because you don't like the white or black colour in which the handset is currently available, then don't get sad because new colours for Nexus 5 are on their way.
A new video has been leaked on the internet showing the whole new range of colours for the device.

In this video you can see that the Nexus 5 will be available in six new colours excluding the white and black. The video also shows these colours being demonstrated on the device.

  • Note: If the video doesn't load properly, visit the source link below to see the actual video.

So if you are planning to buy Nexus 5, wait a while until these colours options are available because the device may look better in new colours than the regular black or white.

Source: TinyPic
Via: Phonearena

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