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Top 5 Battery Saving Tips For Moto G

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Moto G is the budget android smartphone from a Google company which is available for $179 for base model. Sadly there is no removable battery in the phone which means that you cannot install a larger capacity battery. Below are top 5 which will help you get max out of your smartphone battery.


Moto G Battery Saving Tips

1. Use battery Saving App

Use a battery saving app and set its settings to extreme or aggressive. Juice defender is one of the best battery saving app that will make your device battery last longer.

2. Use Stock Launcher

I know there are many good launchers out there but believe it that the stock launcher is the better and Google knows how to treat things in best way.

3. Use less Widgets

Decrease the number of widget you use or remove all widgets. That will get you more juice.

4. Don't Use live Wallpaper

Don't use live wallpaper. Always use a wallpaper that has minimum number of colors or prefer to use a black wallpaper.

5. Set Brightness

Set brightness to static value and don't set it to auto because your phone will be constantly using its light sensor to calibrate your screen and hence, will drain more juice.

Delete The Apps That Are Useless

Don't keep the apps that you are not using. This not only will make your device faster but will also save your battery.

Apply these tips and do let me know if it helped you get more battery time.

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