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Cut The Rope 2 Arrives On Google Play

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The next version of the popular game "Cut the rope" has finally arrived on Google Play and is available for free.

Cut The Rope 2 core concept is the same as the previous one. You have to cut the rope to help the Om-Nom get the candy. The sequel also introduces some Nom's new friend, which will help him on his way.

The New Friends Include:

  • Roto can carry Om Nom to the best candy catching locations
  • Lick can make small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reach his goal
  • Blue can lift Om Nom to new levels of candy hunting fun
  • Toss can throw objects, including candy
  • Boo can scare Om Nom to jump to new heights

Cut The Rope 2 also includes in-app purchases so make sure that you secure your im-app purchases before giving the phone to your child.

Download: Google Play

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