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Motorola Touchless Control Now Reads Notifications

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Motorola Touchless Control is a very cool feature of the Moto X and the Motorola Droid line-up. But it lacked the feature of reading out your notifications. Now, that feature has been added to the Toucless Control. 

If you are busy doing some other work and hear your phone's notification sound but your hands are not free to to read them, just say "What's up" or " Read notifications" and your Droid will do that job for you. If you have more than one notification, it will read it by numbering it one by one. It won;t re-read any notification. Don't worry your " What's up" command won't activate Google Now.

Moto X and droid devices compatible devices that support this feature will have to be running on Android 4.4 in order for this feature to work.

Download: Touchless Control

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