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Google Play Services 4.3 Update Rolling, Brings Game Gifts

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Google Play Services 4.3 update is rolling out bringing some major updates, the most important of which is game gifts. developers will be most interested in this as it is bringing some new APIs.

The new update is introducing game gifts which basically allow gamers to send request to their friends for help, items etc. The update also ads some new API services and features which are:

  • Pinning - You can now pin files that should be kept up to date locally, ensuring that it is available when the user is offline. This is great for users that need to use your app with limited or no connectivity
  • App Folders - An app often needs to create files which are not visible to the user, for example to store temporary files in a photo editor. This can now be done using App Folders, a feature is analogous to Application Data Folders in the Google Drive API
  • Change Notifications - You can now register a callback to receive notifications when a file or folder is changed. This mean you no longer need to query Drive continuously to check if the data has changed, just put a change notification on it
Some new Google Drive features are also coming with this update like pinning files for offline use etc. For more detailed info, visit the source link below.

The update will reach your devices soon so make sure to check your update notification. 

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