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Cubli: A Cube That Can Sit, Jump, Stand And Walk

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Researchers at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, in Switzerland, have successfully built a cube that can sit, jump, stand and walk. They named it as "Cubli."


Cubli is a cube measuring 15x15x15 cm and uses combination of motors, gyroscope sensors, inertial sensors, processors and batteries to perform different operations. The cube can balance itself  on any of its corners rejecting any disturbances. The motors in Cubli rotate at very high angular momentum and when any of the rotor stops abruptly, the cube jumps on its edges. The cube can also be controlled to fall in specific position. Combining the ability of jumping up, balancing and controlled falling, it can walk on the surfaces.

Researchers are saying that this tech can be used in space exploration "but for us it's a cool little cube that can jump, balance and walk."

Source: IDSC
Via: Huffington Post UK

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