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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours And Expectations Round-up

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2013 is about to end and many feature smartphones were released this year like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, MOTO X, Nexus 5 and many others. Now it's time to think about the upcoming smartphones of 2014. Samsung Galaxy S5 is on top of the list.

Samsung Galaxy S4 gained immense popularity upon its release and was the first handset from Samsung to feature an Octa-core processor. Expectations about Samsung Galaxy S5 are even much high.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours And Expectations


Display of Samsung Galaxy S5 would be 5+ inch because every high smartphone is getting 5+ display nowadays. According to rumours it will have a gorgeous AMOLED 2560 x 1440 resolution display(but it could be a PLS display instead of AMOLED). That's insanely high and pixel density comes out to be 560ppi.


The GS5 is expected to have a 64-bit Exynos processor and that can be true because Samsung is working on these chips.


We have seen 3GB RAM on Galaxy Note 3. GS5 could have a 3GB RAM but to compete in smartphone market and to be a flagship phone it may feature a 4GB RAM but possibilities are of both.


Samsung Galaxy S4 13MP camera is one of the best right now delivering some awesome picture quality with sharp and color accurate images. People are believing that GS5 will feature that same 13MP camera with improved functionality and performance. Front facing camera is said to be 2 MP.

Finger Print Scanner

Finger print scanner may also be integrated in GS5 but the working of these scanners is not great. It still needs much improvement but its better to have something then to have nothing.


Samsung should now move to other material  and leave the plastic body atleast in flagship smartphones like we have seen in Note 3. But better material costs some extra money which could become a deal breaker.

Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to release in Q1 2014.

These are only rumours and original product will be seen upon its release but we can get an idea what Samsung Galaxy S5 will be like.

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