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Samsung 2014 Smart TVs Will Bring Some New Gestures

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Samsung has already planned about 2014 and what to introduce to amaze the audience. Samsung's 2014 Smart TVs will come with new finger gestures and enhanced usability. You can control your certain apps by just pointing your finger at them.

"Thanks to ‘finger gesture,’ users can change the TV channel, adjust the volume, find and select what they want to watch just by using their fingers. They can also go back to the previous screen and stop the video by motioning their finger counterclockwise – a more intuitive way to control the TV."

Apart from that, Samsung's Voice integration service will be available in 23 more countries which will let you control your TV with your voice in native style.

Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV models will make their entrance at the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2014.

Source: Samsung tomorrow

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