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[Explained] What Is 3D Printing?

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3D printing is referred to as making making three dimensional solid objects using a digital model. 3D printing is different than crafting which involves drilling and scraping etc.

Now you must be wandering that "how a printer can make solid 3D model?". The answer to this question is explained below.

Designing And Printing Process

First Stage: In this stage,the designer creates a virtual blueprints using computer aided design (CAD) or animation modelling software. The software then  slices them into digital cross-sections which are actually guide lines to help printer produce an accurate image in desired shape and size. After  the design is finalized, it is  converted to "STL" file, an extension which 3D printers can read. And then it is sent for printing.

Second Stage: In this  stage, the ".stl" is read by the printer which then starts to lay down layers of the material used for printing(rubber, powder, paper etc.). These layers correspond to the virtual cross sections from the CAD model. These layers are automatically fused to obtain the 3D model.

What is the printing speed of the 3D printers?

The printing time depends on the design of the model. It can take from minutes to several hours or even days to print a 3D model depending on the complexity of the design.

What is the thickness of the printed model?

Coming to the thickness of the model, he average 3D-printed layer is approximately 100 microns (or micrometers), which is equivalent to 0.1 millimeters. Some printers, like the Objet Connex, can even deposit layers as thin as 16 microns.

A Video Demonstrating 3D Printing


3D printing has wide varitey of uses important of which is of course 3D models. This method is now used by many industries for prototyping. Many companies are offering this service to average consumers. This now allows consumers to create custom cases for their mobile phones. Nokia has released the 3D designs for its case so that owners can customize their own case and have it 3D printed.

Disadvantages of 3D printing technology?

As seen technology has advantages as well as disadvantages. 3D printers can help ordinary people design their own products and manufacture them at home without buying them from any company.

3D printing technology is great but it is too early to tell whether this technology is used to build or to destroy.

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