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"Nokia Normandy" May Be The Company's First Android Smartphone

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Nokia Normandy android

Above is the picture of handset that is triggering minds of most of the tech geeks. It is rumoured that the device shown above code name: "Normandy" is the Nokia's first handset to run Android OS.

The mystery phone very much looks like an Asha device but is it running Android?. First of all, this project was started before Microsoft bought Nokia. The handset was meant to replace a low-end Asha phone. Now the chances are verylikey that Microsoft may cancel this project. But if after all the rumours come true, it will be a very low-end smartphone even lacking GPS(but that's not obvious).

The above picture was leaked by @eveleaks. If it  is "Normady" then, according to The Verge report, they have been told by several anonymous sources that the Normandy is in fact running Android.

Normandy features a highly customized android version just like Fire OS running on Amazon's Kindle series. This allows users to experience android in Nokia's ecosystem. But still, running an android OS means access to millions of Apps on Google Play. That's enough for an entry level phone.

I don't think that Microsoft will allow the handset to run Android but if it does, it is coming in early 2014.

Source@Evleaks, The Verge

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