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Grippity: A Transparent Android Tablet, Needs your Funding

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There are many videos on YouTube demoing the concept of transparent android tablet or smartphone. But no one has tried to made one. KickStarter has started a campaign to make these transparent tablets reality and needs your funding for that.

Grippity Specifications:

  • Semi-Transparent 7" LCD display 800X480. Upper 25% non-transparent for thumbs input.
  • Back sided capacitive multi-touch panel (approved patent) 
  • Front sided capacitive multi-touch panel with extended programmable touch area (marked with 2 lit circles)
  • Android 4.2 (or 4.4 if available by then, spec allows it)
  • ARM processor - Cortex A8 512K RAM
  • IR transmitter to control TV's and DVD's.
  • SD card slot
  • 4Gb internal storage
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth

You can play your role for bringing this tablet for common person by donating a minimum of $1 which can go upto as much as your pocket allows. Giving $159 will get you one for yourself.

If you want to donate for this project, you can do this by visiting their official site.

Source: Kickstarter

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